• Four perforated sheet wall is installed as the residential fences.
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  • Round hole noise barrier is installed on the side of railway and the louver hole noise barrier is installed on the expressway.
  • Sign board and a decorative wall.
  • A diamond hole safety grating and a round hole safety grating.

Tips for Choosing the Perforated Sheet

Perforated sheet used mild carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum steel and plastic as raw material to be punched with round, square or decorative holes in a uniform pattern. Perforated sheet has various applications. It is easy to get confused with so many kinds of perforated sheet, we can give you the tips about how to choose it.

Material of the perforated sheet

Galvanized, stainless steel, plastic and brass perforated sheet.
Perforated sheet has various materials.

Perforated sheet is made of different materials, and each one has its own features, you can choose the perfect one for you.

Mild carbon steel perforated sheet. It is the most economical materials. Mild carbon steel perforated sheet can improve the long life through galvanized surface treatment. The different color of powder coated or painted can let mild carbon steel sheet colorful and durable.

Galvanized perforated sheet. The hot-dipped or electric galvanized surface can resist to the corrosion and dust.

Aluminum perforated sheet. It is lightweight than other materials of perforated sheet, and it need minimized maintenance.

Brass perforated sheet. Brass perforated sheet has outstanding surface. It is clear lacquered to resist tarnishing and maintain appearance.

Stainless steel perforated sheet. It is the most durable among the materials. Stainless steel is resistant to the corrosive, weather, acid, rust and other chemical actors.

Plastic perforated sheet. It is light in weight than perforated metal sheet and has excellent dielectric strength. Besides, plastic can be PVC or PP with various colors for choice.

Hole type of the perforated sheet

Hole types of the perforated sheet is various, we cannot calculate the accurate quantity of it. There are five main category of it.

Square hole, round hole, hexagonal hole and slotted hole perforated sheet.
Perforated sheet has different hole types.

Round hole is the most commonly used hole type. It can be used in each application of the perforated sheet.

Square hole and hexagonal hole can be used in the vibrating screen.

Slotted hole can be used in the perforated filter pipe.

Decorative holes can be used single or combine to form various beautiful designs for interior and exterior designs.

Application of the perforated sheet

Perforated sheet is widely used in the daily life, food industries, pharmaceutical industries, water, oil filtration industries, architecture and many other areas. Just see which one is fit for you.

Protective perforated sheet. It can be categorized to perforated sheet fencing & gate, balustrade & balcony and sunshade screen. It can supply the full protection in our daily life.

Decorative perforated sheet. Various decorative hole types and patterns can provide the aesthetic sense for the buildings, malls and other interior and exterior designs.

Wind dust net. It can control the dust pollution through controlling the wind moving. It is widely used in the ports, power generation, coal, coke, iron steel and other business fields.

Noise barrier, protective perforated sheet, anti-slip perforated sheet and decorative perforated shet.
Perforated sheet has diverse applications.

Noise barrier. Noise barrier is also called sound barrier. It has two hole types of louvers and round. With different materials and sheet types, noise barrier can reduce and absorb the noise caused by the vehicles, air conditions and machinery.

Perforated vibrating screen. It is the best choice in unique and severe screening situation sand for specified screening application and screening equipments.

Perforated filter pipe. It can be divided into bridge slotted screen and perforated pipe. It is commonly used in exhaust system; filtration systems, aerospace, paper & pulp, petrochemical, oil and gas, and so on.

Speaker grills. Perforated sheet speaker grill has small hole size to filter the sound and protect the device. It is used in the automobile speakers, bluetooth speakers and other sound equipments.

Anti-slip perforated sheet. Anti-slip perforated sheet has two kinds - embossed surface and safety grating. They can prevent people from sliding and protect the safe. It can be used as stair treads, workplace platforms and other places.

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The floor of the elevator is cover by the galvanized anti-slip perforated sheet.
Galvanized Steel Perforated Sheet
Galvanized perforated sheet with hot-dipped sheet and electric galvanized sheet is corrosive resistant, it is widely used in the corrosive environments.
A piece of aluminum corrugated perforated sheet.
Aluminum Perforated Sheet
Aluminum perforated sheet has better corrosive resistant and decorative function, it is widely used in the security, decoration and other places.
A piece of stainless steel perforated sheet.
Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet
Stainless steel perforated sheet with corrosive, weather resistance and durability features, is used in filtering, screening and other harsh environments.