Aluminum Perforated Sheet for Security and Decorations

Aluminum perforated sheet, like stainless steel perforated sheet, is corrosion resistant. It is, however, much lighter and softer than stainless steel and carbon steel. 

Aluminum perforated sheet has a comprehensive range of hole sizes, hole centers, thickness and percent open areas, which are suitable for various applications.

For most applications, perforated aluminum sheet need no protective coating but often anodized to improve color and strength.

Aluminum sheet is widely used in the automotive industry, interior design and architectures. Also, it is used in the car grilles, decorative partitions, infill panels, display stands, street furniture and shop fittings.

A piece of aluminum corrugated perforated sheet.
Aluminum perforated sheet can be shaped into different forms.
A piece of aluminum perforated sheet.
Aluminum perforated sheet has various thicknesses, hole sizes and percent open areas.


  • Material: Aluminum 3003-H14, 5002-H32, etc.
  • Hole Type: Round hole, square hole, hexagonal hole, decorative hole.
  • Thickness: 0.032”, 0.040”, 0.050”, 0.063”, 0.080”, 0.125”, 0.250”.
  • Hole Size: 0.0330”, 0.0625”, 0.0938”, 0.1170”, 0.1250”, 0.1563”, 0.1875”, 0.2500”, 0.3125”, 0.5000”, 0.7500”, 1.0000”.
  • Hole Center: 0.0500”, 0.0938”, 0.1094”, 0.1250”, 0.1563”, 0.1875”, 0.2500”, 0.2813, 0.3125”, 0.3750”, 0.5000”, 0.5625, 0.6875, 0.7500”, 1.0000”, 1.2500”.
  • Hole Pattern: Staggered or straight row.
  • Surface Finish: Mill, painted.
  • Percent Open Area: 11%, 23%, 30%, 32%, 33%, 34%, 39%, 40%, 41%, 42%, 45%, 48%, 50%, 51%, 53%, 56%, 58%, 63%, 68%, 79%.
  • Width: 36”, 48”, 60”.
  • Length: 96”, 120”, 144”.


  • Lightweight and soft than other material.
  • High strength and rigidity.
  • Excellent weather resistance and anti-corrosion.
  • Good processing capacity, able to be shaped into different shapes, such as flat, arc, global.
  • Easy to be cleaned and maintained.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Maximum endurance and long service life.


  • Security. Aluminum perforated sheet can be used as anti-slip perforated sheet to protect people from sliding. It can be used in the stairs to protect the peoples from falling on the ground.
  • Decoration. Aluminum perforated sheet is a sheet product that has been punched with a wide variety of hole sizes and patterns providing an aesthetic appeal. It is used in the interior and exterior design, such as the ceilings, wall panels, sign panels and building outside designs.
  • Protection. Aluminum perforated sheet can be used as physical barrier for automated machinery and other facilities. This is a simple but effective way to protect employees from the dangers presented by this equipment. Sheet mounted along the perimeter of a work cell provides employees protection from the hazardous areas.
  • Used in the corrosive environment. Aluminum has good anti-corrosive function, so the aluminum perforated sheet can be used in the corrosive environments.
Ceilings are made of several aluminum perforated sheet.
Aluminum perforated sheet can be used as ceilings for decoration.
Stair protection sheet is made of aluminum perforated sheet.
Aluminum perforated sheet can be used as the stairs to protect the people from falling down.

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