Perforated Sheet with Different Materials and Various Application

The floor of the elevator is cover by the galvanized anti-slip perforated sheet.
Galvanized Steel Perforated Sheet
Galvanized perforated sheet with hot-dipped sheet and electric galvanized sheet is corrosive resistant, it is widely used in the corrosive environments.
A piece of aluminum corrugated perforated sheet.
Aluminum Perforated Sheet
Aluminum perforated sheet has better corrosive resistant and decorative function, it is widely used in the security, decoration and other places.
A piece of stainless steel perforated sheet.
Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet
Stainless steel perforated sheet with corrosive, weather resistance and durability features, is used in filtering, screening and other harsh environments.
A piece of round hole brass perforated sheet.
Brass Perforated Sheet
Brass perforated sheet with different hole types is lightweight and anti-corrosive for decoration designs and filter.
A piece of PVC plastic perforated sheet.
Plastic Perforated Sheet
Plastic perforated sheet with lightweight, anti-corrosive and anti-acid feature is used as strainers, ceilings and stairs.
Six piece of protective perforated sheet gate is install on the wall of a industry.
Protective Perforated Sheet
Protective perforated sheet can be used as fencing, gates, balustrades and sunshade screens to provide security and aesthetic.
A piece of embossed plate lentils pattern.
Anti-slip Perforated Sheet
Anti-slip perforated sheet with embossed plate and safety grating types supplies a safety space for the industrial plants, workshops and transportations.
A piece of square perforated vibrating screen.
Perforated Vibrating Screen Sheet
Perforated vibrating screen sheet with different hole types is used for vibrating sieves. It has flat pattern and cylinders pattern.
Six different hole types of the decorative perforated sheet.
Decorative Perforated Sheet
Decorative perforated sheet with various hole types and different materials is widely used in the decoration for both interior and exterior designs.
Four types of micro hole perforated sheet panels.
Micro Hole Perforated Sheet
Micro hole perforated sheet is used advanced chemical method for filter in oil, food, chemistry and pharmacy.
A detail of the spiral bridge slotted screen.
Perforated Filter Pipe
Perforated pipe with bridge slotted screen and perforated pipe are used in exhaust system and filtration systems.
Gray wind dust net is installed in the power plants.
Wind Dust Net
Wind dust net can reduce the dust pollution through controlling the wind. It can resist to the aging, flame, temperature, acid and alkali.
White and green louver noise barrier is installed on the road.
Noise Barrier
Noise barrier with louvers and round hole has great performance in noise reduction and absorption used in the railway, expressway, residences.
A piece of square speaker grill.
Speaker Grill
Speaker grill with different types and material, can filter the sound and protect the device, it can be used in microphones and loudspeaker columns.