Louver and Round Hole Noise Barrier for High Noise Proof

Noise barrier is also called sound barrier, soundproof wall due to its great noise absorption property. It is generally made of high density metal sheet resisting over 30db noise through punching, and has louver hole, micro hole, etc.

It is featured by high noise resistance, high sound absorption, simple installation, economy, beauty, safety and durability.

It is widely used for urban rail transit noise barrier, railway noise barrier, expressway noise barrier, indoor noise barrier, air conditioner barrier, mechanical noise barrier and other fields.

White and green louver noise barrier is installed on the road.
Louver noise barrier.
Galvanized round hole noise barrier is installed on the side of road.
Round hole noise barrier.


  • Material: Stainless steel sheet, mild carbon steel sheet, aluminum steel sheet.
  • Metal plate Thickness: 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm.
  • Barrier forming thickness: 80mm, 100mm, etc.
  • Length: 1960mm, 2460mm.
  • Width: Commonly is 500mm.
  • Hole type: Round hole and louver.
  • Barrier type: Top arc noise barrier wall, big arc noise barrier wall, knuckling noise barrier wall, top knuckling noise barrier, vertical noise barrier wall.


  • Easy to install. Modular design, flexible, quick and easy installation and removal.
  • High sound absorption. Especially good noise reduction effect.
  • High-intensity: The structure design is based on different climate conditions and wind load. Sheet is punched on the full automatic production line to increase the intensity. 
  • Weather resistance. Galvanized or stainless steel noise barrier can resist to the weather, corrosion and acid.
  • Durable and long life. It has various materials and different surface treatment, it is long life and durable.
  • Colorful. Variety colors and shapes can be chosen.


  • Noise barrier helps in absorbing the noise generating from vehicles on a heavy vehicular traffic area, such as expressway, railway, bridge, urban rail transit noise barrier.
  • Noise barrier has proven to be effective in absorbing noise and providing an excellent solution to reduce noise for residential areas near to the busy roads, and also for schools, hospitals.
  • Noise barrier can also reduce the mechanical noise, such as the air condition, cooling towers.
A row of louver noise barrier is installed on the side of the railway.
Noise barrier can be installed on the railway to reduce the noise.
A row of round hole noise barrier wall and several pipe line on the land.
Noise barrier can be used in the industry to reduce the mechanical noise.
A row of green louver noise barrier is installed on the side of the expressway.
Noise barrier can be installed on the expressway for absorbing the vehicles noise.
Round hole noise barrier is installed on wall with many plants on it and a bicycle is leaning on it.
Noise barrier can be installed on the residence wall to prevent the noise from entering the house.

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