Square Holes Perforated Metal for Tobacco Processing Anti-Blocking Device

The tobacco primary processing device is applied.
TPP-02: The tobacco primary processing device has long service life.

In the tobacco industry production line, the way of blade transportation is mostly divided into belt conveyor, vibrating conveyor, hoist, pipe conveyor and so on. In the production line, users will choose the conveying mode according to the use environment and reasonable equipment layout. Recirculated material separation and long distance transport of materials adopt pipeline conveyor equipment (Its vertical transmission distance is 14 meters and the horizontal transportation distance is 11 meters) to separate knots in the blade, the tobacco stem, the metal and the stone after loose resurgence, and then carries out the long-distance transportation. As shown in Figure 1, its working principle is that the tobacco product enters the vertical sorting box 2 through the feeding mechanism 1, then make the flotation to the materials gone with the wind in the vertical air inlet, and use their difference in suspension speed to pick out the light materials mixed with them. Heavier and larger material are discharged from the bottom of the vertical sorting box directly and the flotation speed can be controlled by air deflector above the vertical sorting box. Then, it is sent to flexible blanking box through low velocity wind in square pipe. The material is discharged from the air lock 5 into the next process and the dust, through the dust, through gas material separating device 4, enters the dust disposal room with the dedusting wind.

This is the schematic diagram of pipe conveying.
TPP-01: Figure 1 - The schematic diagram of pipe conveying.
  • Existing problems
    The original design of the gas material separating device is that the metal screen is directly fixed on the outer frame (as shown in Figure 2) of the gas separating device, and they are connected by a screw rod. In the actual production process, the screen in the air separating device is easy to cause blockage, deformation or damage due to the high wind volume and the high wind pressure of the blade air conveying anti-blocking device. While, because the intermittent injection of compressed air tank equipped with devices cannot completely clean the blocked screen mesh, it leads to the air pressure in the gas separation device increases during air conveying, and the pressure drops in wind transmission pipeline. It finally leads to the frequent plugging and stopping of the pipeline conveyor equipment, and seriously affected the normal feed.
    This is the original frame of the gas separating device.
    TPP-03: Figure 2 - The original frame of the gas separating device.
    This is the reformed frame of the gas separating device.
    TPP-04: Figure 3 - The reformed frame of the gas separating device.
    When the pipe conveyor carries out the blade wind in the initial use, it will stop once every 20 minutes. Blocking material, one the one hand, results in the entire production line discontinued, production can not continue and operators must clean up the material in time which increases the labor intensity. On the other hand, it is not conducive to the parameter control of humidifying equipment in the preceding procedure, resulting in uneven moisture content and affecting the quality of products.
  • Improvement measures
    In order to overcome the blockage and deformation of gas material separation device screen mesh and can not increase the pressure loss in the course of wind transport, a square punched mesh plate is added on the basis of the original design to prevent the deformation of metal screen. Its size depends on the size of the device. The size of square punched mesh plate is 990 × 900 mm and its thickness is 5 mm. In addition, the size of each hole is 40 × 40 mm, the distance between holes is 5 mm. The square punching screen plate is fixed on the frame of the gas separating device by screw connection method, and the improved gas material separating device is shown in Figure 3, then the screen mesh is fixed on the square punched screen plate.
  • Improvement effect
    By adding the square punching screen plate, the compression resistance of the gas separation device is strengthened. In the production process, the gas material separation device will not block or deform again and the material does not produce great pressure loss when passing through the wind conveying pipeline. After applying this improvement, the equipment is no longer blocking, thus ensuring the continuity of production. At the same time, it also reduces the amount of work that the operators need to clean up the material in time. The most important one is that it ensures the quality of the product.
  • Conclusion
    Through the improvement of the gas material separating device, the screen blockage and deformation is effectively avoided and the service life of the screen mesh is improved. The problem of frequent material blocking in the pipeline transportation is also solved.

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